Hotel eManager Front Desk Management For Hotels

Hotel eManager is a computerized Front Desk Management system that stores and distributes information of a hotel, guest house, hostels, or other lodging facilities. Hotel eManager is a tool to reach the global distribution system as well as internet distribution systems from one single system. 

Application contains visual display of all the rooms along with room information. You can directly check-in, check-out from single screen itself.

With virtually unlimited rooms creation, the application is a perfect fit for various accommodation types.

Application has the feature to apply various extra charges, multiple tax and discounts for the checked-in customers. Tax and discounts can be enabled or disabled depending on the government rules or hotel policies. More taxes or discounts can be added if required.

With a visual display of rooms status, you are always up-to-date with the vacancies and cleaning due. The front desk user can even look at the screen to view customer basic and room basic information for each room without clicking on any part of the screen. This will be in use when you need to know which room allotted to which customer.

Application also includes the room changing facility for checked-in customers. This feature ensures in case if customer request for room change due to any problem, then no under payment or over payment will be charged from the customer.

With Group Check-In facility, it is just a matter of few minutes that whole number of persons can be checked-in just within few minutes.

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