.Net License Manager Protect your intellectual property from piracy

.Net License Manager is designed to implement demo or trial functionality to your .Net applications.

With just 3 lines of code, you are all done!

Either it is VB.Net, C#.Net or any other .Net, the library can be used in any project. If you are a .Net developer, then this library is a must for you.

Once you integrate this component in your application, you are sure that your application will run on only single computer. Each license key is generated only for one PC. You can also configure the validity of license key, which means you can distribute the keys for certain time period. For example: if you would like your application to run till 31 Jan. 2030 date, then you can generate the keys which would expire on 31 Jan. 2030.

Time limited keys will allow you to distribute your application that require renewal on certain time interval. You may use this technique to charge AMC from your customers.

Time limited keys will work even if user has formatted their PC, which ensures that your application will not be used beyond certain time period.

The component also allows you to generate the trial version of your application on time bounded or application runs basis. If you want your trial to last for 15 days since application start, or you want your application to execute only for 30 times, then this is the component you require.

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