Wow! Framework Quickly develop solutions based on plug-in approach

Wow! Framework is designed to allow developers to build the applications on plug-in approach. The framework is built upon reliable PRISM framework and WPF from Microsoft.

Wow! Framework uses Publisher / Subscriber model to communicate within different modules. The framework uses .Net 4.0, Apache Active MQ, and few components of NSSpring framework.

Using this framework you can quickly start building your distributed applications which can be scaled as and when required with ease.

Using Service concept at it's core, the framework is used to develop pure distributed and modular applications. The applications developed using the framework are loosely coupled which ensures that no component is dependent on each other. Though, if required you can create the dependencies.

Being developed for WPF, the framework is fully compatible with MVVM pattern. You can migrate your existing applications to this framework as modules. Using this framework you can develop your application that could be scaled as and when required. You can also deploy your modules in stages.

Framework provide you several services at it's core that ensures quick and reliable development. For example, in version 1.0 the following services are available:

  1. Logger Service (Fatal, Error, and Information)
  2. Menu Registration Service
  3. Notification Service (Popup, Message box, and Alert)
  4. Messaging Service (Publish, Subscribe)
  5. Database Service
  6. Utility Service

We are working hard to include more and more services as the part of the framework. Soon, the following services will be available as the part of the framework:

  1. Auto Updater Service
  2. eMail Service
  3. Encryption Service

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